About Zhong Cheng

Established in 1998, Zhong Cheng Quartz Glass Co.,ltd is now recognized as a leading supplier of fused quartz and optical glassware. Based in Beijing, China, ZCQ is committed to providing products ROHS verified products with competitive price.

Each ZCQ product is typical of high purity fused quartz (99.995% SiO2) material, high precision manufacturing and strict quality control measures based on customer’s requirement.OEM services and technical expert advises are also our core policy. We carry customized quartz glass production for R&D projects of universities like Tsing Hua University, Renmin University, National University of Singapore, and popular brands like Philips, etc. Highest quality products in the shortest delivery time are our dedication to cooperation partners!

Our products find wide applications in a great range of industries, including fiber laser, semiconductor, telecommunications, optical fiber, solar energy, electronics, optical coatings, optics, chemical, medical treatment, aerospace, military affairs etc.

    1. Micro Quartz Glass Capillary Tubes / Precision Quartz Rod

      There is no any other material can be equivalence of the quartz capillary tubing in the accuracy veracity and consistency of its inner diameter in the different production batches and different lengths.

    1. CNC Quartz Parts / Glass Parts

      ZCQ is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of CNC quartz fabrication products in China. Due to their superior quality and affordable pricing, our products are widely used by customers around the world.

    1. Quartz Plate/Optical Window

      Established in 1998, ZCQ is a China manufacturer and supplier of optical fused quartz products. We are dedicated to providing high quality quartz Plate, optical Window and lens at competitive prices.

    1. Opaque Quartz Plates, Precision Tubes, Rods / Rollers

      The opaque quartz plate and parts are ideal products in chemical industry, electronic field and other applications due to its high quality, good properties, strong resistance to chemicals, etc.

    1. SiO2 Targets

      Coating materials are widely applied in a thin film to provide protection or decoration functions to a surface. Compared with workpiece, most films are relatively thinner.

    1. Quartz Apparatus / Wares

      As an experienced China manufacturer of optical fused quartz products, we can produce a wide range of fused quartz flame products.

    1. Optical Coatings

      Anti-reflection coating (AR), a kind of optical thin film coating, is crucial component in optical systems with multiple lenses or other optics where the maximum possible light energy is needed.